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White Lotus Kenpo
History of the White Dragon Warrior Society

Great grandmaster - Daniel Kane Pai's grandfather, Po Fong, left his home near a southern Shaolin Temple outside of Singapore and traveled to Hawaii in 1924 with the dream of being able to give his family a better life by using his vast martial arts knowledge. Po Fong later adopted a Hawaiian name, Po Pai. Kane Pai, the son of Po Pai, was one of six children and had a son, Daniel Kane Pai, born in Kamuela, Hawaii. Grandmaster - Po Pai taught his grandson the family martial art style which contained mainly elements of the crane and dragon movements as well as other animal styles which were later contained within a larger martial arts system called Pai Lum Tao. His grandmother was a master of the white crane system and his father was a Judo expert. During this time of training, it is said that Po Pai sent his grandson to the White Lotus Monastery, Byakurenji, on the northern coast of Okinawa, Ryukyu Islands, to study Kobayashi-ryu karate-do, White Lotus Kenpo and he received his black belt.

After the end of World War II, Daniel Pai went to work on the Parker Ranch on the "Big Island " herding cattle. During this time, Daniel Pai and Ed Parker, who would become a famous kenpo master, worked and trained together. Pai studied the art of Judo/Jujitsu and massage with Professor Osakis and Richard Takamora. He was also involved with the Hawaiian Kenpo Association.

In 1951, Daniel Pai joined the U. S. Army and was stationed on the Mainland. He opened his first school in the back of his Sunset Boulevard home just before leaving to fight in the Korean War. He reenlisted in 1953, and spoke of being in Vietnam in 1954. He retired from active duty in December 1955 and in May 1962 he was given an honorable discharge after completing his military obligation. During his service to his country, Daniel Pai was awarded 4 Bronze Stars, Korean Service Medal, U. N. Service Medal, and the National Defense Medal.

Dr. Daniel Pai graduated from the Chicago Medical College, Calcutta India on June 29, 1960 with a degree in Homeopathic Medicine and during the 1960's he worked at 20th Century Fox as a stuntman.

Throughout the mid-sixties and early seventies, he opened schools throughout the United States, with instructors in Florida, Texas, Louisiana, Pennsylvania,Tennessee, Connecticut, Colorado, California, Canada and Hawaii. During this time he was operating a school in Daytona Beach and assisting with the operations across the country. This era peaked with fifty plus Pai Lum and Fire Dragon schools operating in North America. Over the next two decades some of these students, who trained mostly in kenpo, stayed close to Great Grandmaster - Pai as he trained new students in Kung Fu and Tai Chi disciplines. Great Grandmaster Pai's martial arts system became known as the White Dragon.

In 1966 after spending 20 years as a merchant marine, Master-Jim McIntosh brought a vast knowledge of the Asian martial arts to the United States through a martial art system known as Gong Yuen Chuan Fa, the way of the hard and soft fist. Training with Master McIntosh was very rough and physically and mentally demanding. Sifu-Glenn Wilson was one of only three Sifus produced by Master McIntosh.

In 1974 the Gong Yuen Chuan Fa Federation was established to govern the ranking and curriculum taught. Sifu-Glenn was assigned the duties as director and has served faithfully ever since. The virtues of Gong Yuen Chuan Fa's concrete foundation includes four systems; Shorinji Kempo, Lo Han - Buddhist Monk Boxing, Plum Flower system and the Five Animal School. This combination would prove to be an unbeatable combination of fighting, empty hand forms and weaponry.

Since Master-McIntosh had retired, Sifu Glenn Wilson followed his teachers advice and sought out to add to his curriculum and in the early seventies was sent to meet the world renowned Kung fu Grandmaster from Hawaii, Daniel Kane Pai. Their friendship was instantaneous and Grandmaster-Pai was very impressed with the young Sifu's level of skills and with the awesome style he taught.

In 1974 Grandmaster-Pai accepted Sifu-Glenn C. Wilson as a student with Sifu-Glenn maintaining the rank he held in Gong Yuen Chuan Fa and with the Kou Shu Organization in Taiwan, that was 3rd higher level. The traditional blend of two great systems - White Dragon & The Way of the Hard & Soft fist began.

Sifu-Glenn began a life long endeavor to study the disciplines of Bok Leen Pai, Pai Lum Tao and Yang Tai Chi. At the request of his teacher, Grandmaster Daniel Kane Pai, Sifu-Glenn would begin to teach the traditional Lohan and Plum Flower forms to the rest of the Pai Lum Tao Families.

In 1979 Sifu-Glenn Wilson was elevated to the prestigious Rank of Si Gung by Grandmaster Pai and the Kou Shu Federation of Taiwan.

In 1992, Great Grandmaster-Daniel Kane Pai was in the process of organizing all his Pai Lum Tao schools with several associated systems under an umbrella organization called the World White Dragon Kung Fu Society. Upon the request of the Great Grandmaster, Si Gung-Glenn Wilson was given the honor to oversee the establishing of this organization to protect and to preserve the curriculum.

In 1993, while in the Dominican Republic, Great Grandmaster-Daniel Kane Pai passed from this life and was laid to rest with full military honors, at the Hawaiian National Cemetery. A legacy of knowledge and wisdom was left with many devoted practitioners of Pai Lum Tao across several decades.

Under the direction of Si Gung-Glenn C. Wilson, a Board of Directors was appointed during 1994 to protect and preserve the curriculum of the Pai Lum Tao family, as Si Gung-Glenn had promised his teacher. During 1994 and 1995 there were a few individuals who would not conform to the by-laws of the World White Dragon Kung Fu Society and there was a division in the organization.

Keeping his promise to his teacher, Si Gung-Glenn Wilson established the umbrella organization, The White Dragon Warrior Society, Inc. This non-profit organization is devoted to protecting and preserving the dream of Great Grandmaster Daniel Kane Pal. Si Tai Gung-Glenn has served this organization with unselfish devotion to insure that each school will train hard to understand the origins and curriculum of Gong Yuen Chuan Fa - Pai Lum Tao and remain united as one family.

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